Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Where's Waldo in Wendo

I discovered this photo bomber in the Ethiopia Football(soccer) Jersey.
See if you can find this handsome young man in all these photos.

More Plants in Ethiopia

Faith is like a little seed, if planted,
it will grow.  I'm hoping for squash.

Ethiopia Trees and Flowers

These are just some of the trees and plants outside our church and mission office.
Some are familiar and some are tropical.  The rainy season is over and its usually about 85 F. 

American Restaurant in Peru

He should have felt at home in this restaurant.
He said,"This week I taught a lesson in a hair salon
so that was way interesante. We also had to burn
our garbage the other day, so I used my scout skills
and made a torch out of old socks and body spray!" 
"We are making a lot of progress in our area and
I am really excited. Thank you, Mom and Dad for the
Book of Mormon challenge, I finished in English, and I
should finish in Spanish next month. I love you guys
and I pray about you everyday!" Elder Johnson

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


"I have a new companion from the U.S. His name is Elder Wilson and we walked around different parts of the area so he could get to know it.  We are teaching the couple that got married the other week and they are progressing pretty well. The definite highlight of this week was conference!!! I learned so much and it made me want to be better as a missionary and as a person.  It is so amazing that we have a prophet and apostles and we get to listen to them twice a year."   

Thursday, October 9, 2014

One transfer down in Peru

Matt can't wait to watch General Conference!(try going to Matt)
This week he said, "We have a big wooden gate and it fell down yesterday so I spent like an hour using my construction skill to fix/rebuild it. Ha but I love Peru and the work and I love this Gospel and every single part of the Gospel is there to bless us and make us happy!!!!

Just for Fun in Ethiopia

Baboons on the street.
These horse carts are all over in the

Ethiopia's versions of McDonalds, Chic Fillet, In and Out, and a phone booth.

Worshipping in Wendo

The children liked to sing "I Wiggle my Fingers" especially when they wiggled their shoulders. They also liked to clap and snap "Do as I'm Doing" and sang along in English. It was an amazing experience as they translated primary for me.
Their were lots of children, great elderly men, mothers, and really nice young women and men. Everyone wanted their picture taken so they could see it and the girls even learned to take selfies.