Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Earthquake in Peru

 Plantains and Eggs. I also added to my
list of strange foods this week and let
me tell you, chicken feet are not my

Exercising on Preparation Day
This week there was an earthquake while we were knocking
doors and it was awesome because everyone came out of
their houses and so we talked to a lot of people!!!

This week I finished The Book of Mormon in Spanish. I just want  to say, I know that book is true and it is something extremely amazing and we should cherish it in our lives. I love the Gospel and you guys!! 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Happy Halloween from Ethiopia

We bought a pumpkin and invited a few families to our home for a Halloween party.  The children enjoyed decorating bags and trick or treating to our upstairs doors.  We played fruit basket upset and ate doughnuts off a string without any hands.  

Out of Addis

We traveled West of Addis through some beautiful
country and went to Addis Alum. Euclyptus trees are
chopped down leaving a stump about a foot high that
immediately starts growing up again.

A very old church on top of a hill with elaborate paintings
and a bell tower. The museum nearby used to be the home
of the Emperor Menelik. It was supposed to have historical
items and crowns from the Queen of Sheba but it was closed.

Tasting chick peas straight from the field.

A pump installed and pumphouse built by
 LDS Charities to serve a farming community. 

If you click on this photo you can see
 people in this field cutting grain and
putting it into sheaves.

This man waved when he caught me
taking a picture of his donkey.