Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Matt didn't send photos this week. So here's a pic from a flag ceremony a few years ago.
 Happy 4th of July everyone in the United States!
"Well another week has come and gone here in the beautiful city of Trebol and we are still
doing really good. We found some really awesome families to teach. This last week was a
little crazy for us because we had some meetings and we were trying to get everything
ready to move some missionaries before the end of the month. This week we have to do
the actual moving of the Elders, take care of all the finances for our zone, go to an all day
meeting, and do a zone training. We officially lose the northern zone of our mission July
1st. Even though I would have liked to have been high up in the Andies, I'm good with
staying in Lima next to the sea. I love you guys tons, have a great week!" Elder Johnson

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Trujillo Temple Dedication

"Wow, what a week in El Trebol. We had transfers on Tuesday and on Sunday we
got to watch the broadcast dedication of the Trujillo temple which is 8 hours North
 of Lima. It was dedicated by President Uchtdorf and he was accompanied by Elder
Bednar. It was super, super awesome and I really liked something that President
Uchtdorf shared. He said everytime we dedicate a new temple, the power of God
increases on the earth and the power of the devil decreases. He also said that for
having a new temple that the work in the whole world speeds up a little bit. ...
It really made me appreciate the opportunity that we have to know the temple
and the blessings we have for participating in the ordinances there. You should
all go to the temple this week and enjoy it for me."      Elder Johnson

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

33rd Anniversary

Elder Carl B Cook, the SE Africa Area President, and his wife
came for Mission Tour with President and Sister Chatfield. It is
such a great opportunity for us to be able to attend conferences
and meetings here. One thing we learned was how we change
from being self-centered to wanting to do God's will as we
become truly converted.

We get to feed the missionaries
when the zones come together.
We usually make soup for the
crowd. It's nice that young elders
 are always grateful for food
 and will usually eat anything.  

We also celebrated our 33rd Wedding Anniversary June 12th.
We both agree that we have the best companion ever and never
want a transfer. We love our life together and love serving our
mission together. We look forward to being together for eternity.

Still in the Peru, Lima West Mission

The Lima West mission split this week but Matt stayed in the original one. The
new Trujillo, Peru Temple being dedicated June 21st is in the new mission.
"This guy started talking to us and so I started joking around with him and it
made him so happy that he put his hat and jacket on me and wanted to take a
picture. He also likes watching BYU TV." 

They found a super smart 24 year old man and had an awesome experience.
"I ended up teaching him when I was on splits. During the whole lesson, he just
kept telling us how much sense the restoration makes. When we got to the first
vision, I was teaching. When I shared it, I could see in his eyes the spirit working.
I know that the church is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet.  I love the
 Gospel!  Share it with everyone!  They want to hear it!"  Love, Elder Johnson

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Young Elder Johnson

"Things are pretty good for us here in our area and we are
really progressing. The ward here is starting to get excited
about the work. Its great to see a lot of newer missionaries
get the hang of things, especially their Spanish. This week:
 Tuesday, we had a 9 hour meeting with all of the zone
leaders, Wednesday, we had district meeting, Friday, we
had a zone meeting, and baptisms on Saturday.
 I love you guys tons and have a great week!'

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Portuguese Bridge in Ethiopia

We visited Portuguese Bridge, 100 kilometers Northwest of Addis.
It was built by Ethiopians in the early 19 century in an old
Portuguese style. Unfortunately, the mammoth waterfalls were
dry so we hope to go again after the rainy season.

Prickly pear cactus grows on the mountains. There were a few flowers but the oblong fruits (kulkwll) were not ripe yet. The cattle didn't mind, they ate the needle covered leaves along the steep slope.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Cold in El Peru

"It is finally getting colder here and it just makes me want to drink hot chocolate."
'This week was pretty good here in El Peru, we had a training with
President Archibald and I always love learning how to be a better missionary,
how I can help more people come unto Christ and know Him and the Atonement. "