Friday, February 27, 2015

Historical Sights in Gondar, Ethiopia

We spent 3 days in Northern
Ethiopia with the Moses'. We
visited Gondar, the capital of
 Ethiopia in 1674.
 We saw the Debre Berhan
 Sellassie Church built there
 in 1674 by Emperor Eyasu.
The shape is supposed to represent Noah's Ark. It is the only
church of 44 in Gondar that wasn't burned in the 1888 attack of
the Mahdist Dervishes from Sudan. It is said that bees swarmed
against the Muslim looters every time they tried to burn it. 

Murals cover the walls
inside the church and
faces with winged angels
are painted between the
ceiling beams. 

They use chanting sticks, tsinatsil(rattles)
and drums. There is a lot of symbolism,
A few stones inside the hollow drums
 represent stones left in the empty tomb.
A baptisimal font outside the church.
The wall outside the church
has 12 towers representing
the 12 Apostles.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Matt in El Trebol

Matt made it home with his supply of chocolate milk for the
 week. He spent $6 but bought 12 bags. He had changes last
week. He moved, got a new companion and is a zone leader.
He is sorry that he doesn't have time to respond to all of his
 emails, but he absolutely loves getting them.

"My new companion is Elder Crouch from
Arizona who's been out 15 months.
"My new area is called El Trebol and
it is right in the middle of the city
without a single dirt road. Sometimes
I forget I'm in Peru other than the fact
that I talk Spanish."

Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentines Day

There were lots of fisherman out. Can you see what they are standing on?

A family of Egyptian Geese entertained
Cindy while Dale was in meetings. There
are many interesting birds here.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Elder Johnson in Peru

Elder Johnson has had a great companion for the last 6
 weeks. He is packing and saying goodbye for changes today.
 He said,"I have been in my area for almost six months
 and I'm glad I got to finish with some success. I am kind of in
 shock for my first change but I know everything will turn out
 fantastic!  I love the work and you guys!!!"
"Also, if anyone has any good ideas about how to find new
people to teach, I would love to hear them." You can write
him at  

I hope this isn't his dinner.

He met up with another Elder Johnson
that was from Reno, Nevada.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Melkum Ledet

I had a "Melkum Ledet"(Happy Birthday)
For lunch, went to restaurant at an orphanage where they teach
 the older girls how to cook and be waitresses. You don't choose
from a menu but they serve you an appetizer, salad, soup and
bread, main dish, and dessert. Then my nice husband let me buy
 whatever I wanted from their gift shop. Sister Moses baked me
 a chocolate cake and some elders made me no bake cookies.
Here are some photos from Utah and Ethiopia that make me smile.
Me'elkam ken yihunilachehu! (Have a nice day)