Monday, December 22, 2014

Ugandan Game Drive

We attended a great couples conference in Uganda
where we learned a lot and were inspired.
We also went on a game drive and boat tour
 where we were able to see lots of animals.
 Click on the pics to see them closer.
Topi are born a fawn color and as they get older, their color changes.
Their front legs are longer than their rear legs and they are one of the
fastest animals.

Kob are the national animal. There are a lot of them and they remind me of antelope.

Cape Buffalo with a bird flying by.

I loved the way the hippos twirled their
ears around in circles.
Can you see the crocodile below the hippos?

We drove to see the tree climbing lions. A
mother and her 2 cubs were just sleeping in a
 tree which was okay with me since we were in
 a van with nothing between us and them.
The sunsets and sunrises were beautiful.

This cape buffalo was looking at us.
Can you see the crocodile right to the front left of the bird and
 below the hippos? The crocs have plenty of fish to eat right
 now so they don't bother any other animals.

Even the butterflies look African.
Mongoose: A family that plays together stays together.

We stood on both sides of the equator .
Ugandan dancers at our resort.
The elephants were amazing. This is a young one but some of them were HUGE!
We saw them on our game drive, and in the water. There was even one that came to our resort
to shake the mango tree and eat the fruit he knocked off. We had to run back when he came towards us.

This monkey was high in a tree with her baby hanging on.

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