Friday, February 27, 2015

Historical Sights in Gondar, Ethiopia

We spent 3 days in Northern
Ethiopia with the Moses'. We
visited Gondar, the capital of
 Ethiopia in 1674.
 We saw the Debre Berhan
 Sellassie Church built there
 in 1674 by Emperor Eyasu.
The shape is supposed to represent Noah's Ark. It is the only
church of 44 in Gondar that wasn't burned in the 1888 attack of
the Mahdist Dervishes from Sudan. It is said that bees swarmed
against the Muslim looters every time they tried to burn it. 

Murals cover the walls
inside the church and
faces with winged angels
are painted between the
ceiling beams. 

They use chanting sticks, tsinatsil(rattles)
and drums. There is a lot of symbolism,
A few stones inside the hollow drums
 represent stones left in the empty tomb.
A baptisimal font outside the church.
The wall outside the church
has 12 towers representing
the 12 Apostles.

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