Wednesday, April 8, 2015


We didn't get photos this week but I found this one still on the EFY site. The good news is, Matt wrote a long email. The bad news is he wrote a lot in Spanish. We don't know what it says but he did answer some questions in English.
 "Yes, I did get to watch conference  and it was amazing! I loved every second! Yes, I can understand my companion pretty much perfectly. I don't really think about speaking spanish, it just kind of comes out. This week for me was pretty busy because we had a consejo de la mision and then President Archibald came to our zone training.  We had a pretty nice turnout to conference but the sad thing is that a family showed up late and had lost our number, so instead of coming in, they went back home. But don't worry, they are coming this week.
 I love you all and a million thanks for the pictures, emails and support. Make sure you all go back and listen to the talks from conference as soon as possible and follow the advice of the hermanos mayors!"

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