Tuesday, May 5, 2015

History in Ethiopia

The Church Historian, Elder Snow, his wife, and his assistants came to visit Ethiopia with President Hamilton of the Area Presidency and his wife. They came to visit some early Christian sites and the rock churches in Axum and Lalibella as well as the people here. We were able to attend two very inspiring and interesting meetings with them. They are very educated and have a great knowledge of the scriptures and Church History. The assistants, Brothers Turley and Nielson, have written many books and the topics of interest at lds.org.  In 2019, they will be coming out with a comprehensive, 4 volume set of church history written in a narrative form. They will also be available online for free and we are really looking forward to reading them. They encouraged us all to keep our own record and write the feelings of our hearts and how we see the hand of God in our lives each day. Here is a good quote from our meetings,
 "The smallest pencil is greater than the longest memory" 

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