Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Matt and mormon.org

"One day we were walking and a guy came out of his house. He started spewing out every anti Mormon thing I have ever heard. Apparently, he had been looking up the church on the internet the night before"
(If he wanted to know, he should have gone to  mormon.org  )
"After telling him that the things he read weren't true, for example, "Mormons hate black people", "My parents live in Africa and love black people." He let us in to teach him about the restoration and he actually liked it. It was a super awesome lesson and I felt the spirit so much. We had a really good week and I just love being a missionary!!"

"I did a work visit with an elder and
learned that it's not a good idea to
leave your dirty plates out for more
than a month." Elder Johnson

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