Tuesday, September 22, 2015

International Day of Cleaning the Beach

Matt has always enjoyed cleaning the beach. 
"Saturday was International Day of Cleaning the Beach. We went to the
beach right by my first area and I was able to see the bishop from my first
ward, it was just great. We also found interesting things half buried in the
sand(bottles, birds, blankets, shoes, tires, pigs)."
"This week we worked really hard but we were having a hard time
finding people. On Sunday at 6:00pm we had only found one crazy guy
who recently got out of prison. But I felt like I needed to call a contact
we had had about a month ago that we could never find. When I called,
they told us to come by and when we got close, they were waiting in the
street for us. We went inside and found that there are 11 people in their
family. I know that the Lord guides the work and our lives and if we trust Him
and have patience, we will get to where we need to go."   Elder Johnson

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