Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Leaving Lima

"Today is another day of transfers and yes, I am getting changed.  For my last change, I am leaving Lima and am going to be on the coast about 4 hours to the North in a place called Barranca. I am really excited to get there and start working hard. I have 2 weeks to find people to baptize my last week and so I have nothing to do but work my gut out. The other day, during our district meeting, we talked about charity and the way we can show love for people. We talked about how giving, shows love and as missionaries, we give the best gift a person could give, which is the restored Gospel. All my life, I have thought about myself but I have learned that the more rewarding thing to do is think of others. I am excited to have a new area for my last change because I will have no distractions and I promise all of you that for my last change, I am going to be lost I the work. Haha , if I hadn't lost my baptism pants, I would bring them home wet. I love you all and I hope you have a good week!"  Elder Johnson  

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