Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Trujillo Temple Dedication

"Wow, what a week in El Trebol. We had transfers on Tuesday and on Sunday we
got to watch the broadcast dedication of the Trujillo temple which is 8 hours North
 of Lima. It was dedicated by President Uchtdorf and he was accompanied by Elder
Bednar. It was super, super awesome and I really liked something that President
Uchtdorf shared. He said everytime we dedicate a new temple, the power of God
increases on the earth and the power of the devil decreases. He also said that for
having a new temple that the work in the whole world speeds up a little bit. ...
It really made me appreciate the opportunity that we have to know the temple
and the blessings we have for participating in the ordinances there. You should
all go to the temple this week and enjoy it for me."      Elder Johnson

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