Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Share the Gospel!!!

"Happy Birthday to the United States of America!!!
To celebrate, I bought a snickers, drank a coke and then made
a peanut butter sandwich. It was possibly the best 4th of July ever."
 ****FLASHBACK PHOTOS*** (Matt didn't send any)

"Awesome Moment of the Week:"
"Yesterday we were walking and we saw an older lady washing her bus
with a broom and a rag but I noticed that she couldn't reach the top. So I
asked her if I could help her, but she just shook her finger at me. (Which
 means, I'm Catholic, leave me alone.) But instead of leaving, I started to
explain to her how God made me tall and gave me long arms so I could
help people clean their buses, ha. After about 5-10 seconds, she turned
around and gave me the broom!!! it was awesome because I got to clean
her bus and my companion contacted her and now she is way excited to
have us visit her. Haha, I love being a missionary. There is nothing else in
this whole world that I could be doing than being a missionary!! Ha,
I love you all and you should all look for dirty buses and opportunities to
 SHARE THE GOSPEL!!!"     Elder Johnson 

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