Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Patriotic in Peru

 Here are some flashback photos.
Junior High Elections in Elko.
2 1/2 years Later Still Patriotic
He passed out paper bow ties when he ran for student body in Utah.
"Here in our area, they are having elections for "Alcalde," more or less like mayor. The cool thing is that here the elections are more like student body elections. The candidates march through the streets with music and wave flags. They also go door to door meeting people and talk to them about their problems and what they want the government to change or do. They also hand out free stuff but  instead of paper bow ties they give out free watermelon and fresh fish! Another great thing they do is play bingo in the street with giant crowds and hand out money and food. A lady even won a baby pig. 
Today we had a district P-Day and so we had a Thanksgiving lunch. We all put in and ate a bunch. We had grilled meat (thanks to the Argentine) hot dogs (Chilean style) brown gravy (made by the one and only, Elder Johnson from packets I found in my last room) mashed potatoes, chicken and fries.
The work here is progressing. We are finding more people every week and working with the ward better every week as well. I love you guys tons and I hope you all have a good week. " Elder Johnson

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