Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Prayer and Fasting in Peru

Back when Matt was the shortest of the Johnson Men

"This week was awesome! We worked really hard in our area and we are seeing
the fruits of our work. I want to share something today about fasting. We have
all read or heard Isaiah 58 about fasting and blessings and those who fast with
real intent and thinking of others and their needs instead of always thinking
about ourselves. This week I was able to do that(really focus on others and their
needs0. When I started, it looked like everything was going worse, but I kept
going. When I finished my fast, it still seemed like everything was going bad,
but I prayed that I was fine with whatever outcome, but I just wanted to know
that it was the Lord's will. Later that night, things really turned around and we
finished the week strong and were able to help lots of people. I know the Lord
loves each of us and when we entrust ourselves to his will, He can use us as
instruments in his work. I love you all and hope you have a great week"
                                                                               from Elder Johnson's email

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