Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Bucket Brigade in Peru

"So the story of the week was most certainly the baptism of Jose Luis. We had a baptism Saturday in the afternoon and we were going to baptize Jose Sunday morning because he works really late.  So we left the font with water in it so we could show up Sunday and start the baptism. What happened though is that the other set of missionaries who share the chapel with us forgot we were going to have a baptism so they drained the baptismal font...  Ha, we showed up early Sunday to make sure everything was ready but when we opened up the font, it was dry. The baptism was going to start in 20 minutes but it takes an hour and a half to fill the font. We turned the water on and found 2 hoses and a couple of buckets.  We hooked up the hoses and started a bucket brigade and the font was filled in 30 minutes! After everything, it turned out good and another one of our Heavenly Father's children was able to make a covenant with Him. I love the work and you guys!" Elder Johnson

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