Monday, February 1, 2016

Young Elder Johnson in Peru

Matt Leaning on his First Companion
Since he has been in this area, Elder Johnson has been teaching a man whose
family was baptized without him. Then he quit his job and they spent a lot of
time teaching him but he never made a decision.
"We were on the brink of losing hope because he got a new job and it won't
have time anymore. Saturday night before stake conference we decided to
pass by his house but had no idea what to teach and didn't have much time.
We ended up teaching about Lehi's dream and the importance of having the
vista puesta in the tree(eternal life-living with your family, God and Christ)
instead of paying attention to the people in the building who are never going
to help you be happy. We finished the lesson and went to stake conference.
When the family got there, the dad told us that he decided to be baptized this
week. We really have no idea what happened but I know that the Lord wants
the family to be united and eternal. I know that Heavenly Father answers
prayers when we pray with real intent."           Elder Johnson

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