Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Letters on the Sabbath

"This week in church, we watched the video of the round table discussion that the apostles had about the sabbath. I really liked a lot of things that they said, like how on the sabbath, we should be with our families, maintain a reverent attitude, eat food together and write letters to missionaries. Ha, I remember that mom was always telling us to write letters but I just never got around to it...I think I feel a little bit of carma now. Also, I was thinking about the spirit and how sometimes we think that it is an instrument that we have but really, we are instruments of the spirit. Sometimes we also think about the church and the work of God in the same way. We ask what the church can do for us or how can the work help us but we are completely turned around. I know that we are here on the earth because Heavenly Father gives us that opportunity."  Excerpt from Young Elder Johnson

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